Supercharge your Logs, Search or Analytics with ElasticSearch

Enhance your application logs, build a better search experience or get deeper insights into your business with ClusterNest Managed ElasticSearch. An ElasticSearch as a Service solution that offers fully managed, production grade ElasticSearch clusters at an affordable price. Offering a convenient Console UI to launch and manage ElasticSearch clusters. With a simple on-demand monthly pricing model.

Enhanced Logs

Centralise applications logs running in any environment be it Cloud VMs, containers in Kubernetes or on-prem servers. Extract metrics out of them and build real-time dashboards for analysis. Or search through them to debug issues.

Better Search

True to its name, search is the integral part of ElasticSearch. With support for full text search, Lucene syntax, scoring and relevancy ElasticSearch is the industry standard for building the best search experience.

Deeper Insights

With support for raw unstructured data and limitless horizontal scaling, ElasticSearch lets you effortlessly collect data from multiple sources and aggregate it to get meaning out of it.


ElasticSearch is a resource intensive software that requires high IO throughput, more RAM and fast CPUs. Which is why ClusterNest's ElasticSearch cluster comes with directly attached NVMe SSD storage that provides extreme IO throughput, dedicated CPUs without the virtualization overhead and ample amounts of ECC RAM. This raw power paired with purpose built hardware and tuned software delivers the maximum performance.


Incorporating our learnings and the industry's best practices, each cluster is designed to provide the highest reliability. All of our clusters comprise of at least 3 master nodes and two data nodes spread across availability zones, hosted in tier 3 data centers. Leveraging ElasticSearch's fault tolerance and data replication on top of ClusterNest's platform ensures a high level of fault tolerance and availability. All of this is backed by strong SLAs guaranteeing rigorous uptime.


All of the existing managed ElasticSearch solutions are prohibitively expensive so customers either end up wasting money, compromising on use cases or ending up with a low performing unstable cluster. ClusterNest Managed ElasticSearch delivers the highest capacity per $, while providing better performance and reliability, costing less then most managed solutions and even DIY clusters. Once the time and effort required to setup and maintain a production grade cluster are factored in, ClusterNest's solution becomes a no-brainer. The best part: no hidden costs for network or support, no long-term commitments required.


Advanced features come standard!

Each ClusterNest Managed ElasticSearch offering comes with advanced features like dedicated master nodes, Kibana installation and a daily curator job for no extra charge.

Free Kibana

Kibana provides a clean web based UI to visualize the data stored in ElasticSearch. Each cluster comes with an easily accessible dedicated Kibana installation, unlike other providers, at no additional cost.

Dedicated Masters

To ensure highest levels of reliability, each cluster consists of 3 dedicated master nodes. These master nodes don't ingest or hold data, they work in an active-active manner to provide a resilient cluster.

Free Curator

Curator lets you automatically archive and delete old indices so you don't overwhelm your cluster. You can define custom curator actions for your data. These actions will be executed daily.


Security can't be an after thought, it has to be a priority. Which is why ClusterNest Managed ElasticSearch comes with a proper security plugin installed. You can create users, define custom roles and assign roles to users. This enables new possibilities; restrict access to sensitive data, provide read-only access to the sales team, share dashboards with customers or isolate data from user groups. On top of that, all traffic to, from & within ClusterNest is TLS encrypted with strong cipher suites so you can be sure your data isn't at risk by malicous actors.


Cluster Managed ElasticSearch is carefully crafted in light of customer needs and years of experience. The end result is a very sophisticated service offering that is production ready yet amazingly effortless to setup. With ClusterNest, you can launch a fully functioning production-grade ElasticSearch cluster with less than 5 clicks in less than 5 minutes. The same goes for cluster scaling and upgrades; with a few clicks you can do a rolling upgrade of nodes without downtime. If you have ever setup an ELK stack you must be well aware of the hours it takes to set this all up and don't even mention maintenance.


All of ClusterNest's customer facing tools are standard open source softwares (OSS) so you can avoid any vendor lock-in or licensing agreements. This effectively eliminates any risk associated with signing up for ClusterNest since you can switch to any other provider without changing your application code. But the benefits of OSS don't stop there; peer reviewed code guarantees better quality, a vast active OSS community offers better support and an ecosystem of OSS tools ensures a better experience for the developers.

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